Eden Lord, Founder and CEO

Eden founded My City Med in 2015 with her husband, Jeff. Eden had a vision for an online health and medical resource site that would allow patients to not only search for a doctor and read reviews but to connect with non-profit resources and online community support groups. Prior to launching My City Med, Eden worked as an online education consultant for higher education institutions. For the last ten years, she has worked as an advocate for the rare disease community and she continues to pursue legislation advancing rare disease research. She holds a BA in Economics, a Masters in Organizational Management, and a paralegal certificate with post-graduate work in online education and learning platforms.

Jeff Lord, CTO

Jeff is the CTO of My City Med. Prior to My City Med, Jeff spent over 30 years as an IT executive in the non-profit sector, supporting national organizations and their missions. Jeff holds a M.S. in Organizational Management.

For Doctors and Providers

A website that enables a chronically ill patient to search locally for experienced physicians and providers, non-profit and financials resources, online support groups, and awareness events with a single click. Imagine searching that website for a provider by their name, their specialty area, your city, or even your diagnosis. My City Med is that site.

We offer accurate physician and provider reviews, online support groups, and access to a number of medical support resources, from non-profit organizations and legal assistance to government healthcare offices and insurance details. Our network of Non-Profit Partners shares our available resources with their supporters and patients, effectively building our community of users and expanding our resource offerings as we grow.

About My City Med

My City Med connects patients with the best doctors and providers for their needs. Founded in Kansas City in 2015, My City Med continues to expand in cities across the US. For more information, please visit http://mycitymed.com or contact us at press@mycitymed.com.