Jeff and Eden

Our Story

As the parents of a child diagnosed with multiple rare diseases, we understand the challenges parents and caregivers face when building a network of resources for their family. We were unaware our daughter even had a rare disease until she had an adrenal insufficiency crash at home when she was four months old.

Since our daughter's Cambria's initial diagnosis, our family has pursued treatment for her at hospitals across the country, searching for the best physicians and treatments.

Through My City Med, we aim to support patients, caregivers, and families by connecting them to the best available resources to help them secure a diagnosis or manage a condition. User accounts are always free on My City Med.


Our Vision

We believe every patient's voice matters.

The Rare Fair was born from a need to connect patients to resources while removing the barriers many face when traveling to traditional events - time and money. By removing financial and travel barriers, we provide greater access to needed resources, ensuring everyone has a place in the Rare Disease dialogue. Join us at the only 100% virtual event for the Rare Disease community on 11.06.2020.





Meet the Team

The Rare Fair is presented by My City Med, the only online resource that provides a road map for every diagnosis.

Eden Lord

Eden Lord

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

My City Med

 Eden created The Rare Fair concept in 2017, launching the first annual rare fair in 2018. She has been a rare disease patient advocate for over a decade, traveling the country to lobby for NIH funding and access to treatments.

Prior to working in the rare disease arena, Eden developed curriculum and certification programs for the nation's top online universities.

Jeff and Kids

Jeff Lord

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

My City Med

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the IT field, with over 20 years in the non-profit sector.

For over a decade, he has sought out the top physicians and treatments for his daughter and wife, who was undiagnosed with a separate rare disease diagnosis in January 2019.

He regularly supports other Rare Disease dads and husbands through one-on-one coaching.

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