Trisha Torrey Author, Founder & Director of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

Trisha Torrey

Trisha Torrey is known as Every Patient’s Advocate. She is an author, speaker, Founder and Director of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and She also serves as a member of the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

She has written six books. Two of her books, the You Bet Your Life! series, help patients and caregivers understand how to navigate the healthcare system.  Her other books, the Health Advocates Career Series, support the business needs of private, independent patient advocates.

Trisha is a passionate supporter of patients’ rights. She believes with all her heart that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Her work in empowerment and advocacy is a direct result of her own run-in with the health care system in 2004, and that experience drives her work still today.

Among her interests is keeping an eye on the good, the bad, and the ugly of a health care system that was developed to do good, but which too often serves only itself.  It’s those observations that set the stage for her presentation today during the Rare Fair.

Learn more about Trisha’s work at her personal website:  or find information about professional, independent advocacy at:

Trisha’s Booklist:

You Bet Your Life!

So You Want to Be a Patient Advocate?: Choosing a Career in Health or Patient Advocacy (Health Advocacy Career Series) (Volume 1)

You Bet Your Life!: The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes




The Many Colors of Advocacy: Self Advocacy & Finding Help

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